June 22nd, 2014

Artificial Suns

ASSISTANCE NEEDED! Wedding Song Playlist!

ASSISTANCE NEEDED! Wedding Song Playlist!

Hey everyone, asking for a little help here.

As many of y'all likely know, my wedding is approaching at near lightspeed. I've done pretty good so far, but we've just gotten to the part where we put together the dance mix for the DJ.

As embarrassing as it is for a former AMV master of ceremonies, I'm sitting here with complete brain-blank. My music-muscles are years out of condition, and I barely listen to the radio any more. Online lists are way too generic. So I thought I'd give crowdsourcing a try.

I'm looking for suggestions! New, old, romantic, silly, lovey-dovey, inside jokes... things you think are just perfect for me and Kristy, or just me, or just Kristy. Songs you always thought were perfect for weddings, things you've heard before at weddings that worked well. I'll even take joke or troll suggestions.

And don't worry, it'll have to get through Kristy, who is much more level-headed about these things, so don't hesitate to offer anything that springs to mind. Calmer minds than mine will filter the response.

This is open to everybody! Friends, family, AMVers, people I only know through the internet, strangers... whoever! Offer as many as you like! (I could really use the help...)