Mechanical Candle (ersatzinsomnia) wrote,
Mechanical Candle


Hey all,

Many of y'all were kind enough to assist in the packing up of my place. I'm going through the details of getting the last bits into boxes at this point. If anyone would like to assist in getting all the pre-prepared boxes into the back of a 14-foot UHAUL, then you should know that the packing day is intended to be THIS TUESDAY.

I'll be fetching the truck in the morning-noon window and starting the slow packing process shortly thereafter. We aren't planning on driving out until the next morning, so don't feel any obligation, and for heaven's sake, don't take off work: we're planning on packing all day. Stop by if you like and if you've got an hour or two after work to lend a hand.

I genuinely hope that the process will be simple, but I've got a few awkwardly-shaped things that'll be good to have an extra hand or two of help.

Call if you like before you come over to see if we've finished up.
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